Evaluating relevance queries on ESXI hosts

Hello fellow Bigfixers,

Has anyone configured management extender for ESXI? Wanted to know if its possible to evaluate custom relevance queries against esxi hosts once the management extender is configured. I believe not all inspectors would work.
Any help in this regard is appreciated


It’s possible to do some relevance expressions, but the set of inspectors are much more limited than with a real agent. Understand that with the Management Extender, the actual “BigFix” component is not on the ESXi host itself, but on a Windows or Linux machine that is executing REST connections to the ESXi or VCenter host to retrieve data. The data we can retrieve and the inspectors that are available will be limited to what’s exposed via the VMWare APIs.

Thanks Jason. I could not locate much documentation on how to modify the proxy agent plugin to do compliance checks on the ESXI hosts. I believe this should be possible since those are doing audit only.