EvaluateRelevance Synchronous or Asynchronous?

Hi everyone

I just wanted to know if the EvaluateRelevance() function is asynchronous or synchronous. I believe it is synchronous but i’m not sure. I need to have the functionality of the EvaluateRelevance, but it needs to be asynchronous. Would wrapping the EvaluateRelevance function in a Promise help me achieve this?


I really don’t know the answer, but I think it might be Synchronous, but I think you should be able to call it Asynchronously.

I assume this is the JavaScript function you are referring to?

What is the context? Console? Dashboard? Wizard? WebReports? Other?

Why does it need to be asynchronous? What is the problem that you are trying to solve?

Oh sorry for the lack of context. I am currently trying to create a custom web report that creates a table based off of information returned from relevance queries. There are multiple queries that may vary in the amount of time they take to resolve. I’d like to be able to fire the multiple queries and then display the results by whichever result returns first.

Essentially, I don’t want the entire javascript function to halt if one particular query is taking too long.

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You should be able to load jQuery into the web report and then use it to call the relevance functions asynchronously. I haven’t ever done this myself though.