Evaluate Windows Service Description

I believe I posed about this before, but I don’t see it in my question history. So I’ll ask again.

Here’s the situation; We have an service that pauses when it cannot access a file, so a reboot is necessary. The only way you can tell if it’s paused is in the service description. It modifies the service description to include the normal description “Pending Reboot” when it needs to restart. How can I have BigFix monitor this service for this phrase?

If you don’t mind, please provides sample code.


You could probably monitor the registry key where the service description is stored. Should be under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services

Thanks Jason. Could you provide sample code using a generic service name like acme.exe?

I found this post which seems like it solves the issue?

That would be my original post that I couldn’t find. It looks like it was because it was before they moved to the new site.

Thanks Sean, I’ll review it.

If it’s a static service name, I’d avoid bringing in the overhead of WMI.

q: value "Description" of keys "HKLM\System\currentcontrolset\services\AdobeARMService" of registry
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Perfect! that works great. Thank you.