ESU Key Management: Install and Activate MAK Fixlet is getting failed

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We are trying to run “ESU Key Management: Install and Activate MAK Fixlet” from BigFix console on windows 7 machine but the task is getting failed on last exit code 8689.

We have successfully perform all prerequisites task and also manual installation and activation of MAK key is also working properly. We also run “slmgr /dlv” command to list down the license.

As per this link,""
Exit code-8689 indicates WMI was not able to confirm the license activation. Please guide me further what troubleshooting steps i should perform. As i did not get the meaning of exit code.

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Likely that the Activation step is not working (possibly due to your proxy or firewalls between your LAN and the Microsoft Activation Servers.

That exit code is an arbitrary one that the Fixlet uses if the WMI call does not show a successful activation.

Test slmgr /ato manually and see if you get a specific error to share with us.

You can also open a ticket at if you need additional help.

That error described if the endpoint does not have internet access to activate the license.
It will need either Internet access, VAMT access, or manual activation. (we got to do all 3)

slmgr /dlv will show if the 2008/Win7 ESU license is installed and needs activation.
Look under “License Status” of the Win7 ESU key.

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Thank you for response.


I am performing slmgr /ato command manually and is working fine.


slmgr /dlv shows the License status is ‘Unlicensed’.


“Unlicensed” means it got the key, but is unable to activate it. In our case it was internet access blocked.
We had to enter the ESU Installation ID into a Microsoft activation site (link is dead now), and get a resulting Activation code. We then entered the following (for 2008):
“slmgr /atp ~activation code~ 553673ed-6ddf-419c-a153-b760283472fd”

That changed the license status to “Licensed”, and the servers became relevant to patches in Bigfix.

@play2win I agree with @Meydey on this. the /ato command does not appear to be working.

Please try to do the licensing manually, without the Fixlets, using the steps found on this MS site

If you cannot activate manually, then you will need to work with your Microsoft support team to resolve the issue.
If you can activate outside of the BigFix Fixlets and the Fixlet automation is still failing, please open a support ticket so we can start gathering logs and diagnosing.

@brolly33 The fixlets seemed to work fine as long as the endpoint had access to the Microsoft site. No access meant going manual, which for us, was hand typing the Install ID. MS site blocked copy/paste (was 9 entries of 6 digits each). Luckily I had some bored techs to help. I believe our manual number was around 200 servers, with a total of 14 fails (those got decommed)

We played with some additional relevance to help with this in our Webinar last week. Notes on the relevance in this thread:

Appreciate your help guys.
I raised the Support ticket and has got identified the issue is with customer end not BigFix end.

Thank You

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