Estimated Man days needed to install TEM Server + 300 Clients

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Hi All,

I’m new to TEM. I wanted to find out what is the estimated time required to install & configure 1 x TEM Server + installation of 300 Endpoint clients. Assuming it is all Windows based.

Any help is appreciated.


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You can typically install the server within a day if the app server/db servers (whether separate or together) are ready. Assuming the 300 clients are all not across a WAN, you can install the rest within the same day.

If it was me, i would schedule a week (Monday - server install, Tuesday - pilot to a few systems, Wed or Thur - push to rest), though it could probably be done within a day if you didnt have any interruptions.

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Totally agree with this comment.

If the server is up and MSSQL is installed already on the same box, you will have no problem getting the server installed very quickly. Once you start enabling the sites, you add a bit of time while they sync. Obviously the patches sites are going to be the worst (almost 7000 fixlets in Patches for Windows) which will not take very long anyway.

Rolling out the clients is also very quick. If you have admin access and they are properly set up (ability to connect to c$ and admin$), the agent installs in a couple minutes. If they have some deployment tool, it can be packaged real quick and deployed that way.

The longest/hardest part is getting the tool to work in the business. By that I mean use it to follow their business processes. The biggest issue is that everyone does things just a bit differently and you have to make sure that you are designing the TEM processes to the business.

Martin Carnegie

Gulf Breeze Software Partners

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Hello, I’m an SE and do these installs constantly.

A lot depends on your control over your environment. As an admin on my own ‘box’, with my own ‘onboard’ SQL 2005/2008 already installed, it typically takes 20-30 minutes for me to install server and console.

Usually, though, enterprises either have some internal controls that limit this process (like change-control-review boards or certain privileges that must be obtained prior to doing the install). A 1/2 to 1 day is more typical.

If one can use the Client Deploy Tool (i.e. the requirements listed here are met: ), I can (and typically do)

install 300 clients in parallel, in 10 minutes.

Every installation is somewhat different, though; ‘your mileage may vary’.


John Singer