Error trying to access Web reports

Hi Guys,

I have encountered this issue while accessing the Web Reports. Anyone can help me?

Error while connecting to datasource: HTTP Error 7: Couldn’t connect to server: Failed to connect to ITG-PMSBIGFXSVR port 52311: Connection refused

Thank you.


That’s not normally the port for Web Reports. Try 8080, 8081, or 443.

Hi Sir @JasonWalker

I actually have the same error message when Logging in Bigfix Console.


It’s pretty basic troubleshooting at that point -

  • Is the BESRootServer service running
  • Is the Windows Firewall blocking you
  • Is another network firewall blocking you

Hi Sir @JasonWalker,

I have already told the client that it is on their side for checking and send them a procedure but still they are pertaining to bigfix to be the problem :frowning:

did you finally receive any bit of information on this issue ? @JasonWalker shared the very basic steps you/your customer should do to nail down the issue. Only after that due diligence is done one can point to a culprit.

@Pogi Was the issue resolved ???