ErroR RHEL Plugin

Hello ,

I have register the RHEL Download Plugin but whenever i am trying to push the patches. The patches got stucked in pending downloads , then i reconfigure the plug in and now it gives me the error.

[Wed May 25 14:29:33 2016] BigFix RedHat Download Plugin v2.8.7
[Wed May 25 14:29:33 2016] Please make sure you have the latest version of this utility.
[Wed May 25 14:29:33 2016] Running plugin with DLoad::LWPUAIface
[Wed May 25 14:29:33 2016] ERROR: FATAL An error occurred in the usage of the DLoad framework: Plugin requires ‘–downloads JSON’ to be given

Please let me know the next step

We really need more info to be able to help

  • What have you tried?
  • Is this a newly set up BigFix instance, or is this one that has been around for a while?
  • Is this the first install of this plugin, or did this occur after an update to the plugin or to BigFix?

There is more info here:

Hi jgstew

Many thanks for sending the relevant documents these were really helpful. Below is the ans to your queries

Ans 1 : We are running our IEM server on Win 2k8 server and all of our relay servers are also on windows but in order to patch linux endpoints i configure rhel plugin v 2.8.7 on my main bigfix root server by specifying the user name password and it got successfully installed. Then i enable one task : enable encryption for clients and applied it on root server.
I didn’t find any task: BES Relay/Server : Register plugin for RHEL and then start pushing the patches on the endpoints( i have subscribed to relevant sites)

Ans 2 : No , its a old instance but now requirement comes to patch linux as well.

Ans 3 : Yes this is the first install of the plug in.

Hey @Mayank,

I was also getting the same issue with CentOS 6 Native Tool Patches.

Here is the Fix:

Run Download Cacher Tool - Linux RPM Patching in the “Linux RPM Patching” site
This task will download and run the Red Hat Enterprise Linux download cacher tool on the BES Server machine.
The download cacher tool is a Perl executable designed to automatically download and cache RPM packages on the BES Server to facilitate deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Fixlet messages.

> Username for the RedHat Network site: <User_Name>

Specified password for the RedHat Network site: <********>
Enter 'yes' to automatically increase the BES Server cache limit if necessary (Recommended).  Enter 'no' for user interaction: Yes
Please enter a comma-separated list of the versions of the RedHat operating system for which you want to cache bulletins (ex: 30x86,30x86_64,40x86_64) or leave blank to download all versions: Leave Blank
Please enter the address for your smtp server to enable notifications or leave it blank if it is not wanted: <IP_Addr>
Specify User name for your email server: <User_Name>
Specify password for your email server: <********>
Take Action for: Run Download Cacher Tool - Linux RPM Patching (Site)

If still, you’re facing the issue:
Follow Below:

  1. In the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard, select the server.
  2. Unregister the RHEL plugin
  3. Check and see if the RHELPlugin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\DownloadPlugins\RHELProtocol) still exists and if it does delete it.
  4. Restart the BES Root Server service and the BES Client service on the server.
  5. In the console, refresh your console cache by hitting F5.
  6. In the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard, select the server.
  7. Register the RHEL plugin again on the server. Check to see if a Logs folder is created this time.
  8. Try taking an action that requires an RHEL download to test the download plugin.

Note: Also, Verify from the client machine that all the required RPM packages have been successfully installed.

Hope this helps…!!
Cheers (Y) :smiley: