Error posting report driving me crazy

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I see the following in my client logs about 15-20% of the time and was curious to know what would be the reason.

Error posting report to:

It doesn’t seem to impact the ability for actions to run successfully (they always do), however it does cause these machines to report as in the status column on various actions (which is annoying).

This error can occur when the client connects against both relays or the main BES server.

All of the clients receiving this error recently had the BES Client installed (most of the actions showing errors are actions that a freshly installed BES Client runs to configure itself).

I have already checked and ruled out the following:

  1. Hit that url from the computer, see if it resolves correctly.

  2. Make sure port 52311 isn’t blocked.

  3. Ensure ‘’ resolves to the BES Server from the computer.

  4. Check to see if the FillDB folder on the BES Server is full. Clients can’t post if the FillDB folder is backed up. If the client can register with the parent but not post results the FillDB folders are usually full.

  5. Check for errors on the workstation(s) or server(s) network connection (i.e. speed/duplex mismatch, crc’s, etc.)

Does anyone else have this issue?

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Very strange… I was going to suggest #4 was the issue… Perhaps the bufferdir fills up temporarily and then empties? In this case you would generally see the most issues shortly after you sent an action to many agents…


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Ben, you may be on to something, but any ideas what could be done to prevent the bufferdir to fill up like that, or to even monitor to see if that’s happening?

It seems the greater number of clients that are effected by an action, the more often it occurs.


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Hmmm… Unless you have a lot of agents (like 50,000-200,000 agents), your BigFix Server shouldn’t backup the files in the bufferdir noticeably (and even then it would only be for a couple minutes)… My guess is that you have an issue with database or hard disk performance that is causing things to be exceptionally slow…

My advice is to look at the Optimization Service at:

They can help you run tests on your system, compare it to benchmarks we have, and help you optimize your system…


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I have a sneaking suspicion it was being caused by BES clients unable to communicate with relays because the relays are DNS servers and were latching onto port 52311 UDP. Once we implemented epheremal port reservations and restart these systems, so far so good. The only time we see status now is if the client interupts network communication for one reason or another.