Error: "multiple Masthead files in the installation folder"

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After upgrade to 7.0.7.

I get the following error when manually installing the client.

“There are multiple masthead files in the installation folder. The installer cannot continue”.

I get a different error when manually updating an existing install.

“The installer was not able to copy the masthead for the upgrade process. The upgrade can not continue”

Only one masthead in the source install folder that I see.

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Got feedback that having both a actionsite.afxm and the masthead.afxm file in the install source location was causing the issue. No one could tell me why I had a actionsite.afxm file in the source folder as of this version. Removing the older of the two files (in my case masthead.afxm) from the install source fixed my issue.

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I had the same issue - and I renamed the older of the 2 .afxm files (which resolved the error). I checked with support and they said that was the correct thing to do.


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Looks like this error got introduced in BES 7.0.7 somehow… It is a very easy fix to delete one of the files (either one should be fine) and we have already fixed the code and it will be addressed in the next version we release. I added the issue to “known issues” at


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I am seeing this problem also. I was deleting the ActionSite.afxm file, but it would get re-created somehow after i delete it. I think the file gets created during the actual install and not during the install generation.

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Hi dgibson,

That is correct. One file gets created during the install if it doesn’t exist, which leads to the issue. Try deleting the masthead.afxm file instead of the actionsite.afxm and I think that will fix it permanently.