Error 28 when logging into Console

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I got kicked out of the console and then when I go back in I get the message “failed to connect to HTTP Error 28: Timeout was reached.”

I also noticed the BES Root Server is not starting either. I have rebooted the server but cant get anything to work. any ideas on what the cause is or fix?


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The BESRootServer.exe process is the process on the server that serves connections up to the console, so it is essential that this process is running. The BES Root Server service may not be able to start due to a problem with the user that the service logs in as. This user needs dbo access to the database. Check the following:

  1. The BES Root Server service must be running. If problems exists the service will fail…

  2. Check the user the BES Root Server service is logging in as, has the password for this NT user expired? Does the user still have DBO rights to the BFEnterprise database?

  3. Check the ODBC configurations (C:\windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe), check to ensure they are pointing to the correct database server. Do a simple connection test. Can it connect?

  4. Is the SQL Server service process running? Are there problems with the database?

  5. Are there network problems between the server and the SQL server database?

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Thanks for the reply.

1 Bes Root server is not running. It starts and then suddenly stops

2 Bes Root Server is using the Local system Account

3 ODBC is pointing to the correct SQL server and login details work using a test

4 and 5 am waiting for the network team to come back to me on this.

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No errors in the event viewer logs?