Enumerating computers along with their realy in a web report

(imported topic written by netmeister91)

I’m struggling with the relevance needed to return bes computers that are part of a specific group in a specific site… So far I have

( it ) of unique values of (names of members of (Bes Computer Groups whose (name of site of it = “Retail Production”))whose (name of it =“SHC:Retail:Wrong Relay:1.0.4”))

but aside from the computer name I’d like to display the applicable relay…

To do that I have

(names of it,relay server of it) of bes computers whose (not(name of it contains “*”))

but I can’t figure out how to relate the second statement to a particual site and a specific group in that site.

(imported comment written by cstoneba)

maybe I’m misunderstanding, but if you don’t have any duplicate group names, this is how I would do it…

(name of it, relay server of it) of members of BES computer groups whose (name of it as lowercase = “blah”)