Enhancement Request - Support for Windows 2016 Nano

I know it’s relatively new concept that just starts but Nano installations are already capturing attention from different vendors and businesses. Not sure if anyone else is yet looking at it but it turns out Nano support is not on the immediate agenda for IBM due to its complexity (MSInstaller-less agent package + x64-based agent as x32 is not supported in Nano), so I submitted an RFE for it.

Link to the RFE results in Internal Server Error.

So you know its a little worse than no 32 bit support. The Win32 API (I hate that name - doesn’t imply 32 bits btw) is not actually there in Nano. There is a translation layer for SOME of the functionality.

Basically this isn’t Windows so it will be interesting to understand the limitations.

@TimRice, I had the same problem initially: you have to login at Developerworks with your IBM ID to get it.
hope this helps.


FYI @ageorgiev; I submitted a similar RFE for this back in September 2016:


I’ll post in here if there are any updates…