Endpoints disappear from role view

Hey Community,
we’re experiencing a situation from time to time when endpoints will randomly disappear from ldap users view. I.E. a ldap user will be set to view 2000 endpoints. one day they go to log in and they will only see 38. we can resolve this by removing the role, saving, re-add roll, save again and all will be well in the universe. has anyone experienced a similar situation?

thanks everyone!

I’ve had cases where 1 user in a Role will experience that kind of problem. The Endpoints seem to stop trusting that user.

To resolve the issue, I remove the user from the AD Group that gives them access to the Role, then send a blank action to all the computers in that Role. Then I add the user back to the AD group and repeat the blank action.

thanks @TimRice for getting back to me. ya i’ve done it on 1 user before, but this time its about 40. wanted to see if there’s a way to fix it for multiple at one time. 40 on a 1 by 1 process it pretty harsh

What happens if you simply remove the group from the role then add it back again?

can’t say i’d be able to put it back together again. there are about 40 ldap individual operators assigned to about 6 different roles so if I did that it would take a while to put it all back i think. How I fix it is i add a role to the operator and immediately remove it, something about that refreshes everything. I with there was a clean way to resolve this issue. I thank you for spending the time to converse about this.