Endpoint User Survey

Has anyone done any type of “survey” work with BigFix? I’m looking to start a PowerShell script that can capture input from the end user and bring it back through BigFix. I thought I would check if someone has created framework for this before developing my own.

Thank you

General method is to redirect the output of your powershell into a flat file and build a BigFix analysis that reads the Lines of the File. This works well for smaller datasets. Some of the older BigFix Compliance content use this approach to test compliance using shell scripts, push results to a results file and then measure the results files.

For larger datasets, we have the Client Archive feature, which would send the entire file up to your BigFix server. BigFix Inventory uses this method for getting the large software datasets upstream.

Depending on what data you are trying to collect with your powershell script, there may be native BigFix inspectors available to pull the results directly, native to BigFix.