Endpoint Reporting - Hardware / Software in one view

Hello - my company is new to BigFix, literally only been using it for a week.

We are long time Lansweeper users and I am finding that the reporting in BigFix is broken up between BigFix Inventory and BigFix WebReports vs. having everything about an endpoint in 1 view to make it easier.

Can someone point me in the right direction on what I’m missing?

There’s something in Lansweeper that we are not seeing in BigFix that would be a tremendous help. Within Lansweeper, it has the capability to find the Dell Service Tag of an end point, query Dell’s Support portal and present the Asset Tag, Warranty Expiration Date and when the end point was purchased.


Does BigFix have anything similar to this capability?

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That’s interesting… Out of the box, BigFix could certainly retrieve the service tags into a custom property, but I don’t think we have anything out-of-box to query Dell’s website. I have ideas on how it could be done in a custom dashboard/application.

If you’re interested in developing a tool/script for that, I’d be happy to bounce ideas with you. Or if you’re interested in custom application that HCL would write & support for you under contract, let us know and I can certainly put you in touch with our Professional Services team which handles custom applications such as that.

Beaten by @JasonWalker. I was going to reply, Bigfix does have this ability, though in the context of using a custom BigFix fixlet/task that is deployed to the endpoints so they pull the warranty info from the Dell API and write it locally, be it in the registry or in a file, which is proablay what Jason was eluding to. Then you could create properties that will inspect the local machine so the warranty info is captured into the platform. The relevance inspectors do not query remote data sources such as the Dell API so you can’t, at least not that I’m aware of, do this natively.

You can use relevance to inspect the serial number and asset number from the BIOS.

Q: (values "serial_number" of structures "system_information" of smbios as string as trimmed string)
T: 0.392 ms
I: plural string

Q: (values "asset_tag_number" of structures "system_enclosure_or_chassis" of smbios as string as trimmed string)
A: 12345678
T: 0.134 ms
I: plural string

As an example, if you were to use the registry, lets say values “PurchaseDate” and “WarrantyEndDate” under the key “HKLM\Software\MyWarrantyInfo”, as the location of the warranty info for Bigfix to inspect, you could have a fixlet/task that is relevant when a Dell device is detected and the data doesn’t exists in the registry

Q: (windows of operating system) and (value "manufacturer" of structure "system_information" of smbios as string as trimmed string as lowercase starts with "dell") and (not exists key "HKLM\Software\MyWarrantyInfo" whose ((exists value "PurchaseDate" of it) and (exists value "WarrantyEndDate" of it)) of native registry)
A: False
T: 0.383 ms
I: singular boolean

The fixlet/task action would be to download and run a script (I do not have an example to share) to query the Dell API and write the data to the registry. The success of this would make the fixlet/task as not relevant/fixed. Properties then inspect the registry would be similar to

Q: values "PurchaseDate" of keys "HKLM\Software\MyWarrantyInfo" of native registry
A: 01/12/1980
T: 0.188 ms
I: plural registry key value

Q: values "WarrantyEndDate" of keys "HKLM\Software\MyWarrantyInfo" of native registry
A: 31/12/1983
T: 0.085 ms
I: plural registry key value
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