ENDED — Inaugural Ohio Valley BigFix User Group Meeting - December 10

Join us for the inaugural Ohio Valley BigFix user group meeting on Thursday, December 10! All Great Lakes region BigFix customers are welcome to join us in Cincinnati for this event. See a demonstration of the just released WebUI and hear about upcoming enhancements from IBM BigFix Product Development. You will also hear directly from BigFix customers and have an opportunity to improve your BigFix skills from BigFix partner CBI. Following the meeting network with your peers at the nearby happy hour! Register here: http://content.cbihome.com/ohio_bug_dec_invite?ecid=ACsprvsqVbHCaxm52SCoNF5XoCM_QkVz2BZdjcfFWichq-DRhD4BTkP5G21LWM0CSvX6W7dt8Ydl&utm_campaign=Event+|+IBM+|+BUG+Dec+2015&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=23720005&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9N8m8PjfoGjx7KnIjXjlooxDSNf4UM8vasTHjy_mxLXuMqskPRrA8h8JuGp6TVyeSXdpqu4JxXxbR4N9Pm0MFTL2HP1g&_hsmi=23720005