ENDED: April 13-14: BigFix Days Virtual User Conference

The BigFix Days virtual user conference is an opportunity for BigFix users to connect with the BigFix team in a lively, interactive setting. We’re coming to you LIVE – from our home offices to yours – to share new features, platform configuration tips, and techniques and BigFix best practices content with you!

Visit the BigFix Days event page to register and to get more information about the event.



I registered but…

This is Patch Tuesday & Patch Tuesday + 1, so I’m expecting to be busy on those days…

Understood. We expect people may come and go over the course of the event, so we will be making the recordings available after the fact in case you may miss a thing or two.

We do plan to hold our usual Patch Tuesday event on the 13th as well, it will start a little bit earlier to allow for a break between events.

Day 2 is starting now!

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Looking forward to the IVR live demo by @Aram


Any updates on Autopatch being made available in the forums?