Enable PDF on windows broken?

Has anyone else noticed that Fixlet 602 - Enable PDF Reports - Part 1/2 is broken? I just tried to run this and it failed because it couldn’t download ghostscript. When I tried manually navigating to the URL the task is using, I get a message that the link has been moved.

Looking at the script, I thought maybe I could go to the new ghostscript site and download and install ghostscript myself; however, the task references vers 8.6 in several places, and I can’t even find a way to download that version on the ghostscript website.

I guess the next step would be to download a newer version of ghostscript, and then manually update the task in several places to reference the new version. Anyone have a better idea?

Also wondering if a fix for this is coming out in the near future.

Have you opened a support case with L2 to inquire if the content in question is going to be repaired by the product team?

Yes, it’s been reported to support. I was hoping to hear that it was a known problem, fix coming out soon, workaround, etc. But, maybe I’m the first to find this one…