Enable Compatibility Mode

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Is there a way to enable Compatibility Mode in IE9 for a specific site on the current user?

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One option you have is to add a simple META tag to your pages… but this won’t work unless you own the website. I found the instructions here about half way down the page.


I’ve built a few fixlets which enable/disable the compatibility mode for the currently logged in user for ALL websites.


But this too might not be what your after.

Here is a relevance statement which will decode the list into a semi-readable format. (


) Use this in a fixlet or something to see if a particular website is in the list and trigger an action if it is not.

I wasn’t satisfied so I worked on that relevance a bit longer and was able to refine it into a list of fully readable strings. The following statement would be perfect for insert into an analysis or a global property or even using in a fixlet.


Now onto what your request really implies… setting the value.

this is a tad bit more difficult.

The only way I’ve found after about an hour of searching is to use IE on a test box it could even be your own workstation.

  1. Configure your compatibility list exactly the way you want it to be on your endpoints.

  2. Export the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\BrowserEmulation\ClearableListData

  3. Then use this example task


to import it into your endpoints.

In my example I configured “ibm.com” and “red.com” in my test boxes compatibility list. Exported the reg and incorporated it into a the task.

Since I’m only interested in making sure I have the same compatibility list across all my target endpoints the following task is perfect for doing it.