Egress costs with MCM

Hello All. I’m checking to see if there’s anyone that has installed MCM and can speak to whether or not they’ve experienced any egress costs.

We haven’t had cause to use MCM, but I’m curious what you mean by egress costs?

(I could guess, making assumptions as to what might prompt those concerns, but I’d rather you clarify.)

Hey @atlauren…sorry…hopefully this will color in the lines a bit more. Given the need for creating WNS credentials we’d have to do that through Azure. I was wondering and it’s been asked whether or not the enrollment process or any MDM functions would produce any cloud egress costs.

There’s so much “it depends” here that I hesitate to even draft a reply.

If your server bits are in the cloud, there will naturally be some level of egress traffic due to network transit and, if installing software assets, those assets flowing from infrastructure to endpoints.

Whether that traffic generates costs that are notable, however, is something only you can answer. Unfortunately in most cases the accepted model for the cloud is “try it and see”. (Unless you already have people who are adept at engineering for cost/implementation balance.)

@atlauren - yeah, I think I’ve long settled on the “it depends” and “try it and see” answer but wanted to at least cast a net of inquiry about it.