Dynamic Offer Description Content

written by comjb

Is there a way to dynamically include a list of fixlets that are part of baseline being pushed as an offer, in the offer description that is presented to the user? I can see that the Description box supports HTML and relevance, but not sure how to leverage these for this purpose. We need our end users to see what patches are being pushed as part of an offer, but really want to avoid having to manually paste in a list into the description box every time we take an action.

written by jgstew

This might be possible using Javascript if the offer message supports it. I am using javascript in fixlet descriptions currently, but not for this purpose.

… actually if relevance works, then relevance could work without the need for javascript.

Try something like:

names of member actions of current action

written by comjb

Using “
names of member actions of current action” returns an error:

<The operator “current action” is not defined.>”

written by jgstew

The relevance was not meant to be run directly. I am not sure of the correct relevance, that was just a guess. It seems “current action” does not exist.

More possibilities:

names of member actions of action

names of components of component groups of current fixlet

names of components of component groups of source fixlet of action

written by comjb

No worky but thanks for trying. Has anyone else out there gotten this to work?

written by jgstew

I would recommend filing an RFE about this and include a link to this post. I don’t think this is possible currently, but I’m not certain.