Dynamic Content to Distribute to Clients

Hi All,

I am new to BigFix and would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I was wondering if there was a way to author a task that downloads or copies files from dynamic content to a folder on a client machine. From what I have read… a null session share may be the best path to take for the task but would not be my preferred method, How would you accomplish the task?

Thank you in advance for any assistance provided!

What do you mean by “dynamic content”?

Take a look at the download and prefetch commands in the following action script guide under the Download Commands section:


It would be preferable that you host your files on a web accessible server so that they can be accessed via http

A good reference to how files are downloaded can be seen in existing content that IBM BigFix provides, for example in the BES Support site you can see in Task # 353 - Run BES Client Diagnostics that the download command being used is prefetch:

prefetch BESClientDiagnostics.exe sha1:58b95c1081189ec07ab0441680a0841185804b81 size:3145815 http://software.bigfix.com/download/bes/util/BESClientDiagnostics- sha256:64dd05e084d855a80b539fb7d92c66851e48f81d247262714bf04ca09548e019

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