Duplicate Properties being generated

This issue actually arose about two years ago and I could not immediately verify the issue was solved so it came to a point that I had to put it on the back burner with Support, and the ticket was closed.

This issue still plagues us and, although does not impact what we are doing, it is annoying and can, at time, have someone choose the incorrect property when adding columns or using the property drop down options.

We use set of Properties that are “client settings”.
We also put them in a catagory using the :: (catagoryname::propertyname)

value of setting "Client-EMSEID" of client

When I go back into Manage Properties, I see duplicates properties, one in the category and the other not in the category.

Some of the time they have the same relevance. Sometimes they don’t.

I do not ever use “error” in my relevance, unlike what I see in the relevance of the uncategorized properties.

if exist values of settings "Client-EMSEID" of client then value of setting "Client-EMSEID" of client else error "not set"

VS Mine

if exist values of settings "Client-EMSEID" of client then value of setting "Client-EMSEID" of client else "Not Set"

I did see this post about a similar problem, but I am not sure this is exactly what is happening…

When I had the open ticket with HCL, they had me running SQL queries, pulling logs and just about everything you can think of and we never figured it out.

This is by no means a rush, it has been this way for at least two years. Just an annoying issue.

Why oh Why do properties love us so much they want to clone themselves?

If (as a Master Operator), you right-click a computer and use the “Edit Settings” dialog to create a new client setting, the console also automatically creates a new Global Property retrieving that value. I would guess that’s likely the source for your “uncategorized” version of the property, that looks like the default relevance we would generate for that.

I’m not aware of any Console setting to prevent creating that Global Property, unfortunately


Maybe an idea portal submission is in order.