Duplicate Host Name

Hi Team,

I want to know the query or shortcut to pull the Duplicate Host name.

It will make database better because due to double entry it can may be wrong data.

If you are using 9.5+, you can use a built-in tool:


HI Sir,

I am not able to find option in my Console.

Please guide me where i need to go in my console.

I don’t know whether the link was broken, or just does not render correctly on my phone. In any case, the computer cleanup is configured in the BESAdmin tool, not the Console.

From where i can get the BESAdmin tool?

It is part of the BigFix Server installation.

How can i use that tool locally at my system.

If you just want to find the duplicates you can build your own session relevance for it - example, this will give you the computer names that have duplicate names:
unique values whose (multiplicity of it >1) of names of bes computers

I need to run this relevance in BigFix Console?

Can you please guide me how to do that in console?

Login to console press alt+ctrl+shift+D to open a “Debug Menu” and select ‘show debug menu’.

You will see an additional tab “Debug” click on it and select “presentation debugger” and paste the line given by @ageorgiev.

Manoj Thathera

Hi Manoj,

I have clicked this key from my console then one dialog box open so now where i need to paste this code which is shared by @ageorgiev (unique values whose (multiplicity of it >1) of names of bes computers)

I am attaching the screenshot please guide me where i need to put the code.

Thanks in advance. If possible please guide me through phone which will be better 9580326153.

A quick search for “bigfix presentation debugger” will lead you to https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS2TKN_9.5.0/com.ibm.bigfix.doc/Platform/Relevance/c_using_the_presentation_debugge.html

Very few of the people on this forum work for IBM. We are all users of Bigfix who are on here for mutual help. Please don’t abuse the facility by expecting personal one to one telephone support.

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@ageorgiev you have missed one step to select ‘Show Debug Menu’.

Totally agree with @trn .

Hi Manoj,

I tried with the steps of clicking on Show Debug Menu but when i am doing it then there is no any changes reflecting.

I don’t know what i am missing here.

It must have appeared in the menu bar next to help.

Then you can follow the instructions given by @trn

You can search file on your server name “IBM bigfix Administrators Tool” then click it
Next the license authorize will be shown so you have to authorize using license key password that you have been set at the first installation
Then next choose on the tab bar clean up and you will see BES Computer Remover and Click Mark Duplicate Computer as deleted and it done

Anyone ever tried to use another property in the Computer Removal Tool?
I’ve tried to find duplicates using IP address or MAC address but seems it doesn’t work this way. The reason is that MAC address, for example, is a more reliable property to find duplicates than computer names.
If computer name is the only property that can be used in this tool so what’s the point of a fillable field?

thanks for the link trn.
gfajunior, was just about to ask the same question.
would really appreciate if someone could help with this!

You can just use session relevance if computer name in the BES Computer Remover tool doesn’t work. Here is a previous thread that might be helpful:

I’m fairly certain there are some pieces of content on BigFix.me that are helpful, but it has been incredibly slow to the point of being unusable for a while.