Duplicate dashboards

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Hey all,

I have a strange ‘issue’.

A dashboard, Microsoft Office Overview & Power Management in this case, are twice in the ‘All dashboards list’.

Any ideas to resolve this?

Many thanks.

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Me too, I have a few duplicates. Its already hard enough to locate things.

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Any updates on this?

Is this a known issue and scheduled to be fixed?

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We made some changes in the Patching Support site. Here is the announcement:

Content Released in Patching Support


This should explain this situation. As mentioned in the announcement, “The listed content is targeted to be removed from the Patches for Windows (English) site on the fourth week of May, and will then only be available in the Patching Support site.”.

If you have any further question, please let us know.

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Hello… I think I believe the answer is “No”, but is there a place where IBM lists all of the Sites and what they actually do? When working with someone new to TEM, the list of license overview list isn’t very informative.


Patches for AIX

Patches for ESX

Patches for Mac OS X

Patches for RHEL 5

Patches for RHEL 6 - Dependency Resolution

Patches for Windows (English)

Patching Support

Software Distribution

Updates for Windows Applications

You can generally take a guess at what each of these are, but what is “Patching Support” ? You’ve listed what it does on a wiki (but I had to find this via Google), but why not on the Licensing Overview list have a link to a wiki from within the product, or if you mouse over each item it would provide a few paragraphs on what the Site provides.

ie. what does “BigFix Client Compliance Configuration” provide? What about “patchesforwindowsgreek” I guess Windows patches for Greece? :slight_smile:

What TEM could provide is a nice ‘intro’ screen/wizard which would would automatically prompt the administrator to turn on key product components such as Windows patching etc. Then it would then activate the site, Subscribe the Site to All computers, turn on any Analysis by default. This would allow someone new to TEM to get up and going with the product faster.