Duplicate computer names

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After upgrading AIX from 5.3 to 6.1, the same computer name with the older 5.3 version is listed (greyed out), als if I migrate a Linux host from VMWare to a Blade, same issue. How can I remove old entries automatically from the database. I have been right-click and choosing remove from database but there must be a better way…

Also, in the first case, If I upgrade a host from AIX 5.3 to 6.1, I should NOT get a duplicate computer name. I just upgraded the OS.

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You can run the Computer Remover utility to remove your old duplicate computers from within your console.


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Oh, great, not another DOS utility!

Anyone created a Fixlet to run to do this automatically?

Is it possible to run a fixlet against the BigFix server to run the BESComputerRemover.exe with options

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Yes, you could capture the BESComputerRemover.exe using the Software Distribution wizard and then push that to your BES server, with the commands “bescomputerremover.exe -D -l -L d:”. Since I run it manually on the BES server, that NT account already has rights to the SQL DB that it is actually running against. If you wanted to run it within a fixlet, you would have to add add “-d database_dsn -u database_user -p database_password”, which is probably not recommend because it would be clear text within your fixlet.

You could have the uname and password blank in the fixlet and use the parameter querey action to prompt for the uname and password…

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You could also create a batch/script file and then add it to your task scheduler and have it run at the end of the month.

But I do agree that they should make a fixlet for this that allows you to specifiy a fequency on how often you would like it to run. I know my helpdesk staff prefer to rebuild rather than fault find, so I now run a clean up at the end of every month.

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Surely this begs out for a Task under the Bigfix Management Domain! I don’t have admin access to our Bigfix server but I would like to run this task daily.

I did try it once with the action:-

"D:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Utilities\BESComputerRemover.exe" -l -D -e -t 30 -E -T 365

It failed :frowning: - I think it was waiting for an input (I originally missed the “-f” ), the next time I get admin access to the Bigfix server (probably next upgrade) I’ll try it again but with the “-f”.

"D:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Utilities\BESComputerRemover.exe" -f -l -D -e -t 30 -E -T 365

but should I be using waitdetached? Or wait or waithidden? I don’t do a lot with windows and I’m not sure what the differences are!

I was also going to try and get all clever and have the task automatically download the correct version, have it collect the parameters for the number of days from the registry, etc - but I thought, for now, I’d apply the KISS principle :slight_smile: