DSS SAM Application Usage Shows 0

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For whatever reason, our application usage is showing all zero’s across all applications for all time periods. We know we used to have usage data at some point. Looks like the update to may have been the cause.

When we look at the import logs, we see this:

“./bin/BulkLoad.exe” “tmp/app_usage.csv” DSSSERVERNAME BFInventory tmp_new_app_tracking -d -T

Integrated Security=SSPI;Application Name=BigFix DSS Bulk Copy;Initial Catalog=BFInventory;Data Source=DSSSERVERNAME;

Established DB connection.

Loaded dataset.

Bulk insert failed:

Column ‘exe_name’ does not allow DBNull.Value.

Is it as simple as allowing nulls on that column in the database?


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Hi John, I believe we resolved this for you today. Let us know if you’re still seeing issues.

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Jeff, Yup, this has been resolved. It was also one of my best support experiences to date. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

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How was this issue resolved? We have been experiencing this issue since 4/13 and was told on 4/23 that the developers were looking into the issue but had been unable to reproduce it. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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Hi gsmith, send an email to enterprisesupport@bigfix.com and they will assist you. Sorry you encountered this, too. We will be issuing a patch release to resolve this shortly so we can be sure no one else is afflicted.