DownloadJobFailed Windows patch


we have a few computers where we still have some older patches relevant. Through Patch Policy the patches are being deployed. But for a few older patches I’m seeing this issue:

The source file (exe in this example is on the mater bigfix server, the relay but not ending up to the client.
My guess is maybe something is wrong with the file size or something similar of the fixlet. But the sources come from the patches for Windows site, so this is not something that I can change.

Any explanation or fix to this issue?



Are they all office? Or are there other types of patches as well? I have seen some issues with office updates in the past. Even when downloading the patch manually and applying it.

Look in the client log and double check if there is an Exit Code for that action.

That may provide you more help.


Yes Jared, all old office patches…
There is no exit code because of the source file not being downloaded onto the endpoint. In the client log I see the attempt to download, but then DownloadJobFailed and then it retries to download.

If it is just this one patch causing issue, you may want to manually cache the patch on your Root Folder and see if that resolves your issue.

Here is a link to one of the videos a Technical Advisor did showing how if you are not familiar.


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