Download URL relevance substitution

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I have the need to download a unique file per machine using a particular name convention. To my dismay, the WinActions pdf expressly calls out that relevance substitution is apparently not supported in a download or prefetch URLs.

“Relevance substitution is NOT performed on the download as action command lines. This is because these actions are scanned by other components that deliver the downloads and these other components run on different machines which do not share those client’s evaluation context. This restriction, however, allows BES to prefetch downloads through a relay hierarachy to the clients.” --WinActions p 16

If relevance substitution was allowed, I’d like to be able to use a URL based on computer naming convention such as:{preceding text of position 7 of computer name}/program.exe

Are there any creative ways to get around this?

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The only way is to use ‘download now’. That means the individual computers will each go out and download the file directly instead of using the relay infrastructure.

It sounds like this might work for you since each machine is supposed to get a unique file. But be very careful when taking actions using ‘download now’. You are at much greater risk of impacting your network than when using the normal download command.