Download patches at Relay instead of Root Server

is there any way that i can download patches at relay servers instead of root for endpoint patching?

I have 5 relay servers at multiple location and want to patch endpoints on these , do not want to use bandwidth of the root server to relay patch upload but want to download patches direclty on the relay servers so that it would not use the connection between relay and root.

Is it possible to download patches directly on relay?

Please see if the following technote helps:

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Thanks for your reply, that means it is possible to have inhouse relay which download data from internet not from TEM server.

Is the this settings works for RHEL as well ? RHEL / Unix having download plugin installed on APP server then how relay will help in this case?

Hi All,

I have this instance, that when I deploy the Patches that starts 9:00 pm and ends at 7:00 am.
The Bigfix Server Download the Patches and send it to the Top Level Relay but did not send to the Branches Relay (Lower Level Relays) until 7:00 am.

Is there a way for the Top Level Relays to send the patches to the branch relay upon completion of downloading the patches?