Download error for Patches for RHEL 7

I have the following sites enabled: Patches for RHEL 7 & Patching Support. When I try to apply a fixlet to one of my linux clients I get this error:

[+] Download error: "HTTP Error 6: Couldn’t resolve host name: Could not resolve host: RHSMProtocol"
Download requested on server:
URL: RHSMProtocol://get.repo.list.content/server/7/x86_64

Root Server v9.5.13.130
Relays v9.5.13.130 and clients

When I go to All Patch Mgmt>Dashboards>Manage Download Plug-ins

I click “Encryption Analysis for Clients and/or Download Plug-in Versions” and nothing happens?!? like its greyed out but it shows blue on the screen? Is there something else that needs to be enabled to turn this on? And is this related to the error message that Im receiving when trying to deploy a fixlet from this site?

I have disabled and re-enabled the following sites in hopes to resolve this: BES Support, Patches for RHEL 7 , and Patching Support.

I don’t recall whether the Manage Download Plug-Ins dashboard uses Flash, but see if this applies for your console machine

And, yes, that is the dashboard that would enable the RHSM Download Plugin used by that protocol. Once you get the plugin installed, you’ll need to configure it with a certificate for your RHSM Entitlement. See here for details

I just solved my own problem…

under BigFix Mgmt>External Sites>BES Support>Analysis

I had “Show Non-Relavant Content” unchecked. So it was NOT showing the Encryption Analysis for Clients. Once I click it this showed up and I activated it…Now I went to the Manage Download Plugins…My relays and Server shows up…

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This post is very helpful too! Thanks!