Does Trial limits AIX support?


I’ve just installed the trial on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 in order to test patch-management for our AIX servers. Everything went fine with the server installation & I was able to install & register my first AIX client (I can see it on the console). I also configured the corresponging AIX plug-in thru the console but somehow I still can’t see anything related to AIX (no “Patches for AIX” site…no relevant AIX fixlets for my AIX server…even though the Plug-in for AIX is “up to date”).

The trial website mentions: “This trial has all features enabled and is limited to 30 endpoint…”

Is this lack of AIX functionality part of the trial?


Have you:

  • Checked the License Overview dashboard in BigFix Management Domain, you should see a Patches for AIX site
  • Enabled the site “Patches for AIX” ?
  • Subscribed your computers to the site ?

Hi gearoid,

There’s no “Patches for AIX” under “License Overview”. So it appears that indeed AIX isn’t supported on the trial? Is there a way to confirm this?


I can’t find the document that I used to have but if I remember correctly, the 30day trial version did not include AIX content. If you need access to that particular site, I’d recommend you reaching out to your IBM sales rep and they can get you a full license.