Does DSS collect license information?

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Does DSS collect license information?

I’m trying to find out how many VMware workstation installs we have out there and what license are being used. Can DSS show this info?


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Hi Marty,

You can include any BigFix analysis property in DSS SAM for reporting. This can include license information.

For VMWare Workstation info, we do have an analysis in the BES Inventory and License site called “VMWare Workstation Information (Windows)”. It reports the following:


*Product ID

*Serial Number

*License Type

*License Version

Bringing that information into DSS SAM will allow you to generate inventory and license compliance reports for this product (as well as other interesting reports, like what software you have running on VMs, what hardware has VMs on it, etc).

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Thanks Jeff, I activate that and pull the data over!