Documentation is missing client settings, would like better settings inspector

It would be extremely useful if there was a way to invoke the settings inspector to give not just what settings are set, but what the effective settings are for all possible settings for that particular client, as well as what the default settings are. This is information that the client itself knows internally, it just needs exposed to introspection.

This seems to be the main public document for BESClient Settings:

It is missing these: (and probably many others)



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I am having the same experience with the same issues of public documentation not providing all the settings such as below. Is there new documentation or a way to find this data?

You can specify a different SSL certificate using the following client settings:

BESRelayHTTPServer_SSLCertificateFilePath, with value as the path to the SSL certificate

BESRelayHTTPServer_UseSSLFlag, with value 1

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