Display version of a program which runs as a process only

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What I’m trying to do is to create new managed property which will display version of CiscoJabber.exe across the environment. Cisco Jabber run as a process not as a service.

While I know how to create property which displays version of running program as a service, I dont know how to create property when program is running only as a process.

Also I was wondering why is Cisco Jabber not a registered application.

When I start QnA with reggapps there si no sign of Cisco but there is a bunch of other programs running.

I don’t want to mess up with the registry uninstall result for displaying version, because cisco has a bunch of different GUID.

So my question again is how to create property for display version of a program whichruns only as a process.

Thanks for help!


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  1. You could check the version of the EXE file that launched the process. I don’t have CiscoJabber.exe to check it, but my JabberVideo.exe file returns a Version just fine.
  2. CiscoJabber.exe is not a Registrered Applicaiton because Cisco didn’t craft the installer to register it. Not all applications do this, but I wish more would!
  3. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ee872121(v=vs.85).aspx

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I just found out about application inspector

Q: Application “your path to installed application” and you get the version plus some other info.

PS: So if i want to inspect windows OS 32bit and 64bit I have to join both with OR function because of “Program Files” in 32 bit path and “Program Files (x86)” in 64 bit path EDIT: It doesnt work that way it says E: A boolean expression is required

PSS: Is there any good source or link to more of these inspectors

Thanks for replay.

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A list of references for Fixlet Authoring can be found here,


Be sure not to miss this link which is listed on that page:


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I found 2 other solutions. Do you have any suggestion how to search for both 32bit and 64bit location together in one relevance.

q: versions of descendants whose (name of it = “CiscoJabber.exe”) of folders (value of variable “ProgramFiles” of environment & “\Cisco Systems”)

q: version of file “CiscoJabber.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Cisco Jabber”

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One way to do it might be …

Q: if (x64 of Operating System) then (if (exists file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\JabberVideo”) then (Version of file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\JabberVideo” as string) else (“N/A”)) else (if (exists file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files\Cisco\JabberVideo”) then (Version of file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files\Cisco\JabberVideo” as string) else (“N/A”))

another, without checking the OS Architecture, might be …

Q: if (exists file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\JabberVideo”) then (Version of file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\JabberVideo” as string) else (if (exists file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files\Cisco\JabberVideo”) then (Version of file “JabberVideo.exe” of folder “C:\Program Files\Cisco\JabberVideo” as string) else (“N/A”))

Interestingly, in my case, with JabberVideo.exe, REGAPP “JabberVideo.exe” works and VERSION OF REGAPP “JabberVideo.exe” returns the correct value. When I open the application, it lists itself as “Cisco Jabber Video”, and the returned version is “” which matches what I get with the IF statements above.

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Noah: Thanks for the links.

Tim: your first relevance is working prefectly if computers have ciscojabber.exe installed. Displaying version from both 32bit and 64bit Windows OS. If there is no ciscojabber.exe on the computers it display error E:Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.

The second relevance display errors E: Singular expression refers to nonexistent object also to computers which has ciscojabber.exe installed. I guess it is because they dont have it installed in both paths where we asking it to be in the relevance

Thanks for helping me out!