Display Message Hanging Open

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I have noticed that since the last update or two I have several tasks where the “Display message while running action” hangs open on the computer even though the task has completed successfully. I have verified in the console that each line of that task has completed successfully Has anyone else seen this type of behaviour?

Along the same lines I have seen some tasks/installs where the take action message that is supposed to be presented to the users does not “pop up” on the screen but rather hides down in the task tray!

The task were this seems to always happen was created using the Software Distribution Dashboard and is configured to run as the user. It seems to primarily be on WinXP 32bit machines.

Could it be something with this new runas=currentuser or completion=job??

Running 8.2.1093.0

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Update: This is occuring on Win7 x64 machines as well.

The task in the console shows as completed successfully however the “Display Message” (that runs during the task) is still open on the client.