Disk space less then 1GB web report

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How can I make a web report that would list all computers that have less then one gig of free disk space on the primary drive, and show what the disk space is?


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  • Go to web reports
  • Create new report
  • “Computer properties” report summarized by “Free Disk Space”
  • Sort by free space

You can also try to use the excel connector (http://support.bigfix.com/labs/excelconnect.html) to get this data and sort and filter it in Excel.


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Thanks for the quick reply Ben. One of the requirments that I didn’t mention was to be able to schedule an email of this report every week and to only show computers with less then 1 GB. With help from one of our more experienced BigFix operators, we were able to create the following report:

<?Relevance (trs of (td of name of computer of it & " " & td of value of it) of results from (bes property "Free Space On System Drive") whose (preceding text of first " MB" of value of it as integer < 1000) of computers of results of bes property "Free Space On System Drive") ?>
HostName Free Space

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Is this a Window only feature?

I am trying to generate low disk space report using the Activity Trigger to Generate Rerport when Answer changes. I am wanting to know do what do I need to enter into the Match Relevance conditions area ? as currently without a relevance does not seem to work