Disk Free Limited Issue on RHEL Server

Hello All,

I am testing RHEL Patch via BigFix but Baseline as well as single patch is stuck in Disk Free Limited,I increased _BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB to 12 GB but still Disk Free Limited issue was not resolved.
Please see the below screenshot, Kindly suggest how to get rid of this issue :-

Thanks in advance!!

Manish Singh

I don’t think _BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB is the setting you want. That tells the BES Client to stop downloading if the actual free disk space is lower than that value.

What is the actual free space in the /var/opt volume on this machine?

=> df -THP /var/opt
Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/rootvg-varlv ext4 2.1G 861M 1.1G 45% /var

Ok so there is only 1.1 GB of space in the volume. You’d need to free more space, or map /var/opt/besclient to a larger partition with symlinks, or reduce _BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB to much lower sizes (but also running the risk of filling up the /var partition and leaving the machine unusable.)

Best option by far is to make the /var partition larger.

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Thanks Jason, Let me cross check with Unix Platform team.