Disconnected scanner - Linux z system unable to fetch hardware inventory

Hi Team,

We have a scenario where we ran the disconnected scanner to fetch the data from LINUX Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.5 (Maipo) x86_64 64.
After successful scan, we see “No Scan Data” in the ILMT Console against the same system.
Many articles has talked about ‘Create Capacity Configuration for Linux on z Systems’ but in my case where I am using Disconnected Scanner can’t see this fixlet relevant in BigFix Console.
I checked ‘Data Import’ log and couldn’t find any errors or missing files information.

Please reply if anyone have faced the same issue or can assist with the troubleshooting steps.

You said you see : "No Scan Data” in the ILMT Console. Which report, which column exactly? Do you any any data for this system?

Hi Michal,

Yes we are able to see software inventory from the system but hardware inventory data is missing.

Partition Core, Server ID, Server Cores etc, because of that we are not able to get the accurate PVU subcapacity from this system.