Disconnected network DVD mode patching solution

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My company has huge numbers of labs, some of which are totally disconnected from the network. We are moving twards using BigFix instead of our own custom patching system.

Our custom patching system gave us the ability to make a DVD which contained all of the information needed to fully patch systems. We did not even need an installed client as that was part of the DVD itself. The DVD could be mounted from all systems in the lab.

I know that this can be done in a custom fashion as all of the information for fixlets, relevance, etc is available in the db. I was hoping that there were possibly plans to automate this so that others will not have to come up with a solution outside of BigFix. I’m already considering doing just that as we have a HUGE need for it currently and I did this for our custom patching system and know how easy it is to do.

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Hi taadams,

We have something like what you are asking for that we call the “Disconnected Client” piece. This can be brought to a computer on a USB drive or DVD and it can even carry the “results” back to network so the agents will appear in the BES system as any other agent.

Please contact our professional services organization for more information about this option.