Disabling Windows Update

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Hi All,

We have recently moved to using BigFix as our sole form of patch management. To that point we recently turned off our WSUS server. After the last round of updates many users are reporting that they get the windows pop-up informing them that the Windows Update process failed to perform and our help desk is flooded with calls. There is no emergency, as Big Fix is on the task. But it is creating a hassle.

Is there a fixlet or task to disable Windows update entirely?

Alternately what is the best practice around this process.


-Johan Dowdy

IT Manager

Workday Inc.

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We disabled windows update via a GPO. Not sure if there is a fixlet in BigFix though.

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We appear to have a KB article on how to do this:


Not sure why we didn’t make the Fixlet for you… You can use the registry wizard to do it though…


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Hi Ben

Maybe useful to create a Fixlet or task for this action.