Disable Replication

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I’m a relatively new user to Bigfix and am attempting to upgrade the server w/ and noticed that replication should be disabled prior to running this fixlet. I do have replication via DSA and i’m not sure where to go about disabling it temporarily to apply this update. Thanks!

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Hi wars104,

The easiest way to temporarily disable replication is to increase the replication interval on both servers to an hour or some large value. You should make this change in BESAdmin separately on each side, so you don’t have to wait for the next replication in order to pick up the change.

Then you can deploy the upgrade.

Once it finishes, change the replication intervals back to the original values.



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We are going from to 8.0, we want to disable the DSA replication so that we can test the new version without impacting anyone. The above solution only pospones replication for one day at most. We need to disable replication for at least a couple of weeks.

Also, if we create a task on, have there been any issues running that task on 8.0?

Is there a solution for this/ Can the replication interval be set for more than 1 day?