Differential Inventory Report

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We are using Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Life cycle Management v 8.2

In the Inventory we found the upto date information of hardware,network,software etc. for all the TEM managed computers after activating corresponding analyses.

will it possible to get differential inventory report by date wise?

Is there any other way to get those details using TEM lifecycle Management?

I want monthly/quarterly/yearly inventory report.

Thanks for you reply

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As you mention, TEM contains only ‘up to date’ inventory attributes and the tool does not maintain historical data on most of the typical inventory properties/analysis. Saving/Exporting of report data could be done via web reports and/or the Excel connector.

What is possibly more difficult is producing the delta report on what has changed in the environment over the course of time. What is the use case or business need here? Might be helpful to understand what you are looking to accomplish.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.we had endpoints all over our country and we are getting up to date inventory report. On high level overview we want to track all the inventory data periodically. But it is too difficult for us to make a delta report manually.

Is there any alternate option usign TEM?

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Not without external ITAM/CMDB tools. No history is maintained on inventory attributes, therefore the reports you are looking for are not possible without customization or external tools. May I ask what you are using the data for? I have used many other tools in the past that had inventory history and for the most part all it did was consume disk space. Are their audit requirements? Or are you trying to use TEM to monitor/enforce your change control process?

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yes. we are looking for internal audit purpose.

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We’d like this as well. Users tell us all the time the didn’t just install or upgrade an app and it would be great to know when something changed. We’d also like to be able to flag certain apps and who has them, For instance, we may have mad an exception for Firefox for 10 people, but our inventory shows 20 now. When did the additional 10 come into play? Up to the minute inventory is great, history is better.