Detect if computer is a virtual machine


I need to write a relevance to detect if the BES Client is installed on a virtual machine or not. I found some articles within this forum and came up with the following but does not seem to be working properly.

string value of select “Model from Win32_ComputerSystem” of wmi as lowercase = (“virtual machine” OR “virtual box” OR “vmware virtual platform”)

I would appreciate your feedback to help me correct this relevant statement.

Thank you.

Why you want to write a relevance when its already there in BIGFIX.

Analysis name is Cmputer Type under site BES Inventory & License, it will show results as Physical or Virtual.

I don’t have the site BES inventory & license but i am using a analysis that @jgstew created, You can download it here.

It tells you the computer type physical or virtual, Manufactor and product name.

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My analysis is based upon the IBM one, but with improvements to handle cases that were not handled originally.

I probably should revisit this because it could use some more tweaking.

Also, I’m not sure where docker containerized linux or LXC containers fit in. I’d say they should be considered virtual, but I’m not sure that is being handled at all.

Couldn’t you just simply do this:
virtual of hardware

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Yes, but the inspector was released after this thread…‘virtual of hardware’ was introduced in 9.5.7 in October 2017

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