Detailed Patch Management Report for IT Audit

Hello Community,

I need to pull a patch management report for all servers, PCs, and laptops (detail report with status by machine) for an audit. I need to pull the report today.

I don’t have much experience with custom reports so I need assistance. Please advise how I can pull a detailed patch report for all nodes and servers on the domain.



If you are in a pinch I would suggest you try to use Lee Wei’s custom patch compliance reports. Go to the Reporting section and sort by views. You will see how popular that are and they are super easy to setup. Ping back if you need more help.

These are the ones I am referring to… I forget that some people do not know what “Lee Wei’s” reports means.

Report Available: Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group
Report Available: Schedulable Compliance by Computer or Content
Report Available: Fixlet Compliance by Content

It looks like I have that report in my list. I just pulled it and it’s sitting on a screen that says Important Information Loading…

I’m assuming it will take quite some time to generate this report. How long does this report typically take to create?

Depends on how large the computer group(s) you have selected and the set of patches you selected. If it sits in a loading state for long time I would suggest testing with a small group and patch set just to make sure it is working. The report runs best under Firefox, if I recall correctly.

Also, take a look at Lee Wei’s post from Dec '16 towards the end of the Fixlet Compliance by Content thread. Depending on your version of Web Reports, there may be an issue with a new security setting that was introduced with 9.5.4. He posted some workaround versions of the reports.