Deprecated Screen

Why does Inventory Exploration take you to a Deprecated Screen? If you select the Computer Count off of any of the Inventory Exploration screens, you are taken to Software Installations (Deprecated). The problem with the Software Installations (Deprecated) screen is that when it is exported to CVS, the Run Count column is not included in the export. I assume this is not going to be fixed because it is a Deprecated report. It seems like it has been this way for over a year. What is the plan?

I am currently on BFI

Not sure, but it could be a report was set as default by someone else.

Can you validate if there are no default reports?

I do not know which screen you are referring to or how to get to it to see the Default Report or Global Default Report.

An Apar is being submitted although I am not exactly sure what the problem statement is. I guess it is to unlink the Software Installations Report from Inventory Exploration. I don’t know what will be linked in its place, or if Inventory Exploration will continue to exist.