Deployment of BES Agents

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I am newbie to BES and we just starting a Project. I have no Hands-on experience. Our client asked me a complex question, “How many days do you need to deploy 3500 clients?”.

I have no answer. What are the factors to be considered for estimating the duration for client deployment? Appreciate, if anyone could help me. Thanks in Advance.

Just to deploy the agents will port 52311 opened is sufficient or any other ports to be opened?



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Hi Madhav,

It depends on how you are going to do the deployment…

I know of one company that deployed 80,000 agents in a weekend… The limitation is usually your deployment method as opposed to anything specific to BigFix…

One thing you should do is make sure you have your relays picked out in the right locations…

Here is network info:


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Hi Ben,

Thank for your kind response.