Deployment and patching for office 2019

May I know where can find the guide for Microsoft Office 2019 deployment and Microsoft Office 2019 patching.


Have you look into - Installing and updating Click-to-Run products

About installation / updates -
Does the Clients got access to Office CDN?

We have reviewed this link already but still uncertain about the deployment process. Could you please provide more detailed steps or direct us to a resource where we can find comprehensive instructions for the deployment? Thanks.

It’s not clear whether your concern is “Installing/Updating Office in general”, or “how to do it with BigFix”. I’d suggest getting familiar with the Microsoft process first, detailed at Overview of the Office Deployment Tool - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn and then adapting it with BigFix should be more clear.

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Agreed with Jason. If you don’t know how Click-To-Run works, then no documentation from HCL will be helpful.

First focus on installing and patching Office Click-to-Run.

Additionally, Office 2019 is basically end of life. I would recommend Office 365 instead followed by Office 2021 if you can’t.

Thank you for your response.
We have already created the setup XML file. We are currently aware of the manual installation method using the setup.exe /configure configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml command. However, we are unsure of the steps to remotely deploy this installation to client computers using BigFix.

May I know anyone can be provide more information on how to utilize BigFix for the remote deployment of Microsoft Office 2019 to client computers?

i just create fixlet with cmd that lunch the setup:

action uses wow64 redirection false
waithidden cmd.exe /C  \\fs\Installs\Microsoft\Office\2021\setup.exe /configure \\fs\Installs\Microsoft\Office\2021\2021-Configuration.xml
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Thanks shai82, may I know how to using it ?

dont understand the question.
first build the XML and check if it work with regular install.

then create fixlet with the cmd action.

I mean the XML script ready but how to deploy in Bigfix

Hi @KT123 ,

If you already know how to:

  1. Create XML for Office Deployment Tool

  2. Install it by using setup.exe /configure switch

You need to place both of the files under the same folder and the Package them into a Software Package.

Look into the following YouTube Video:
Creating a Software Package in the BigFix Console using the Software Distribution Wizard (

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