Deploying the bigfix console

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hi everyone

i want to deploy the BigFix console to some computers

i think that i had a tasks that i got from the BigFix site to install the console

but now when i search it i can’t find it so if some one can upload the bes ile so i can do an automatic install I’ll be glad

thank you for your help

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Maybe you aren’t used to writing scripts yet, I have no clue, but why don’t you write one for yourself?

My appologies if this came across incorrectly.

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i know i can make one i am asking if someone already make one so i can use it.

its kind of weird that a program that suppose to deploy programs doesn’t have a deploy for her own console

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Just use the Software Distribution wizard on the Console install folder and add /S to the command line to make it install quietly.

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Pushing out the console using a task with the /s command does work however it creates a default DSN entry to the BigFix server. I have my BES DB running on an external SQL server. Is there a way using /switches during the install to change the default DSN setup behaviour? In my example change it to an external SQL server??

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Quick follow-up, I’d also like to be able to set the DSN for windows authentication.

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This is the command I use to install the BES Console and set the ODBC connection. If I remember correctly this did not work on Windows 7 64bit because you need to change the key in the Syswow32 folder of the registry. You can create some session relevance if that is important to you. We have very few 64bit clients.


waithidden __Download\setup.exe /s /v"REBOOT=ReallySuppress"

//Add ODBC Connection

delete __appendfile

appendfile Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



appendfile “Driver”=“c:\Windows\system32\sqlncli.dll”

appendfile “Database”=“BFEnterprise”

appendfile “LastUser”=“SYSTEM”

appendfile “Server”=“\Instanance”

delete odbc.reg

move __appendfile odbc.reg

wait regedit.exe -s odbc.reg

regset "


" “bes_EnterpriseServer”=“SQL Native Client”

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ahh good thinking!! Thanks! Unfortunately I have to do both x32 & x64 installs. I just did an

if(x64 of operating system)

delete __createfile


end if

if(not x64 of operating system)

delete __createfile


end if

I guess if(exists x64 registry) would work also for the relevance.

Also used the x32/x64 setup to install some contextmenuextensions under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER!!