Deploy Wireless SSIDs through BigFix

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I have a portion of our population which has a particular wireless network configured on them, I need to find a way to configure it on the rest of the machines.

Task 1 is to identify which machines are missing that preferred network (solution not being dependant upon the client actually connected to that network at the time of collecting the data)

Task 2 is to deploy the SSID, configuration and preshared key


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Does this help?


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These solutions give me the SSID of my currently connected network but none of the others I have configured.

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If these machines are on Active Directory, it is pretty easy to set these up with group policy. You can distribute keys, certificates, and any other configuration you need. Obviously that won’t work if they aren’t on AD, but if they are, you really can’t get an easier way to roll out wireless networks.

If you must use BigFix to configure wireless, then you can look at the “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WZCSVC\Parameters\Interfaces” key. Under one of the GUID’s there, there will be a value named Stact#0000 and the SSID name is contained within a binary blob. With a bit of work, I’m sure you could accurately detect if the network exists. As for adding the network, not quite sure…you might be able to do something with netsh, but I have never tried. You


be able to copy that key to another computer, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Good luck.